Late Tudor and Stuart Drama: Gender, Performance, and Material Culture

June 3, 2016
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Call for proposals, for a new series from Medieval Institute Publications:

Call for proposals, for a new series from Medieval Institute Publications:

Series Editors:

  • Cristina León Alfar, Hunter College, CUNY,
  • Helen Ostovich, McMaster University


This series provides a forum for monographs and essay collections that investigate the material culture, broadly conceived, of theatre and performance in England from the late Tudor to the pre-Restoration Stuart periods (c. 1550–1650).  The editors invite proposals for book-length studies engaging in the material vitality of the dramatic text, political culture, theatre and performance history, theatrical design, performance spaces, gendering court entertainments, child- and adult-actors, music, dance, and audiences in London and on tour. We are also interested in the discursive production of gender, sex, and race in early modern England in relation to material historical, social, cultural, and political structures; changes to and effects of law; monarchy and the republic in dramatic texts; theatre and performance, including performance spaces that are not in theatres.  Further topics might include the production and consumption of things and ideas; costumes, props, theatre records and accounts, gendering of spaces and geographies (court, tavern, street, and household, rural or urban), cross-dressing, military or naval excursions, gendered pastimes, games, behaviours, rituals, fashions, and encounters with the exotic, the non-European, the disabled, and the demonic and their reflection in text and performance.

To submit a proposal, please contact Erika Gaffney, Senior Acquisitions Editor, at


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