History and Cultures of Food, 14th–18th Centuries

May 19, 2016
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Call for proposals, for a new series from Medieval Institute Publications:

Call for proposals, for a new series from Medieval Institute Publications:


Series Editor:  Allen J. Grieco, Senior Research Associate (Emeritus), Villa I Tatti

Food, its preparation and the act of eating are basic cultural acts that characterize all human groups and, in that they are reiterated on a daily basis, constitute the cornerstone of social and cultural interaction. This series seeks to publish contributions to the field of history and culture of food, broadly conceived: a rapidly expanding discipline addressing a rich variety of approaches to a subject that stands at a major disciplinary crossroad. From cultural history to economic history, from the history of heritage products to the history of manners, food is a truly interdisciplinary topic of inquiry, open to research ranging from the history of the cookbook to literary texts, from the still-life to banquet scenes, including the analysis of account books and beyond.

Food history is, at present, a field very much in the making; it is now beginning to establish a canon. This series aims to publish the best work that is being produced today and make available the work of historians coming from different historiographical horizons. To that end, it welcomes scholarly monographs and edited volumes in English by both established and early-career researchers.

To submit a proposal, please contact series editor Allen Grieco (allengrieco@gmail.com) and acquisitions editor Erika Gaffney (Erika.Gaffney@arc-humanities.org).

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