Shakespeare and Adaptation

December 6, 2022
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Shakespeare and Adaptation provides in-depth discussions of a dynamic field and showcases the ways in which, with each act of adaptation, a new Shakespeare is generated. The series addresses the phenomenon of Shakespeare and adaptation in all of its guises and explores how Shakespeare continues as a reference-point in a generically diverse body of representations and forms, including fiction, film, drama, theatre, performance and mass media. Including both sole authored books as well as edited collections, this series embraces a mix of methodologies and espouses a global perspective that brings into conversation adaptations from different nations, languages and cultures.
Series Editor: Mark Thornton Burnett (Queen’s University Belfast, UK).


Forthcoming in this series:

§ Liberating Shakespeare (June 2023) § Shakespeare’s Histories on Screen (July 2023) § Shakespearean Biofiction on the Contemporary Stage and Screen (November 2023) § Shakespeare, Ecology and Adaptation (2024) §


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ISBN: 9781350109209 Romeo and Juliet, Adaptation and the Arts, ed. Julia Reinhard Lupton & Ariane Helou (September 2022) £75.00 £49.00

ISBN: 9781350247802 Lockdown Shakespeare, ed. Gemma Kate Allred, Benjamin Broadribb & Erin Sullivan (July 2022) £80.00 £52.00

ISBN 9781350234321 Women and Indian Shakespeares, ed. Thea Buckley, Mark Thornton Burnett, Sangeeta Datta, Rosa GarcíaPeriago (July 2022), £80.00 £52.00

ISBN 9781350181397 Adapting Macbeth, William C. Carroll (February 2022) £75.00 £49.00


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