Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (September 2021)

September 12, 2021
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The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 5, no. 4, September 2021) is now available online via the Wiley Online Library.



    • Eleonora Cappuccilli, ‘In the steps of Birgitta of Sweden: the reluctant authority of Paola Antonia Negri (1508–1555)’, pages 582-599.
    • Jessica Erin DeVos, ‘Renewing the Auld Alliance: Marie Stuart’s poetics and the Catholic League’s politics’, pages 600-620.
    • Matilda Amundsen Bergström, ‘Louïze Labé Lionnoize: the making of an early modern author’, pages 621-637.
    • Marlisa Den Hartog, ‘Women on top: Coital positions and gender hierarchies in Renaissance Italy’, pages 638-657.
    • Tobias Daniels, Arnold Esch, ‘A Donatello for Rome, a Memling for Florence. The maritime transports of the Sermattei of Florence’, pages 658-674.
    • Emily Hansen, ‘A prosopographical study of early modern English schoolmasters, c.1480–c.1650’, pages 675-690.
    • Cora van de Poppe, ‘Early modern reader management: begin+infinitive as a discourse marker in P. C. Hooft’s Dutch prose’, pages 691-712.

Book Reviews

  • Silvia Z. Mitchell, Queen, Mother, and Stateswoman: Mariana of Austria and the Government of Spain, reviewed by Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, pages 713-715.
  • Jennifer Nelson, Disharmony of the Spheres: The Europe of Holbein’s Ambassadors, reviewed by Robert John Clines, pages 715-716.
  • Lena Liapi, Roguery in Print; Crime and Culture in Early Modern London, reviewed by Sarah Grange, pages 717-719.
  • Piermarco Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon, eds, The Art of Fencing: The Forgotten Discourse of Camillo Palladini, reviewed by Jacob Henry Deacon, pages 719-720.
  • Donald R. Dickson, Alan Rudrum, and Robert Wilcher (eds), The Works of Henry Vaughan, reviewed by Thomas N. Corns, pages 721-722.
  • Victor Stoichita, Darker Shades. The Racial Other in Early Modern Art, reviewed by Sara Ayres, pages 729-730.
  • Jean-Marc Mandosio (ed.), Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples, La Magie naturelle / De Magia naturali: I. L’Influence des astres, reviewed by Richard Oosterhoff, pages 735-736.
  • Angela Andreani, The Elizabethan Secretariat and the Signet Office: The Production of State Papers, 1590–1596, reviewed by Emily Montford, pages 737-738.
  • Jason Scott-Warren, Shakespeare’s First Reader: the Paper Trails of Richard Stonley, reviewed by Alice Wickenden, pages 739-740.

Review Essays

  • Penelope Gouk, ‘Embodying the Voice’, pages 722-278.
  • Piers Baker-Bates, ‘Rome: Sacred City Re-visited’, pages 731-735.

Review of Exhibitions

  • ‘Titian: Love, Desire, Death; (16 March–14 June 2020, prolonged until 17 January 2021). Catalogue ed. Matthias Wivel with essays by Beverly Louise Brown, Jill Dunkerton, Paul Hills, Lelia Packer, Javier Portús, Nathaniel Silver and Aidan Weston-Lewis (London, 2020), reviewed by Roland Krischel, pages 741-750.
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