Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (April 2023)

April 1, 2022
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The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 37, no. 2, April 2023) is now available online via the Wiley Online Library. It is a special issue on Aretino’s Cityscapes, guest edited by Kate De Rycker and William T. Rossiter.



    • Kate De Rycker and William T. Rossiter, ‘Introduction’, pages 153-165
    • William T. Rossiter, ‘”I was Born in One City, but Raised in Another”: Aretino’s Perugian Apprenticeship, pages 166-191
    • Jessica Goethals, ‘Pietro Aretino’s (un)Virgilian Sack of Rome’, pages 192-210
    • Piers Baker‐Bates, ‘Constructing Sebastiano del Piombo: Pietro Aretino and the Artistic Landscape of Clementine Rome’, pages 211-231
    • James Grantham Turner, ‘Aretino’s Urban Gardens’, pages 232-250
    • Marlene Eberhart, ‘Aretino: Conjuring the Sensuous City’, pages 251-267
    • Kate De Rycker, ‘Staging the Imagined City: Aretino in Rome and London’, pages 268-291
    • Andrew S. Keener, ‘Aretino Jesuited: an English Translation of the Sette Salmi in Seventeenth‐century Douai’, pages 292-313
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