Mentoring Scheme: FAQs for Mentees

August 28, 2023
By SRS Updates

Q: Who is eligible to be a mentee?

A: We are currently inviting UK and Ireland-based, and MA, PhD and Early Career Academics who self-identify as a Person of Colour to participate in the pilot programme.

Q: What are the time commitments?

A: We recommend that mentors and mentees meet for three 40–45-minute meetings over an academic year.

Q: How long does this scheme run?

A: The scheme will run for an academic year (October 2023-June 2024).

Q: Can I meet my mentor online?

A: Yes, meetings can take place or line or in-person.

Q: Will I be able to get some form of written feedback on my PhD work?

A: No, the mentor can give you feedback about PhD work but can at their discretion offer career advice.

Q: What things can we talk about?

A: You can talk about anything from confidence building to career related topics. Your mentor is there to support you.

Q: Can I choose my mentor or mentee?

A: The committee will match you to a suitable mentor according to your application requirements.

Q: How can I use the summary sheet?

A: The summary sheet is optional and can be used before the session/s.

Q: Who can I contact when the mentor/mentee relationship is not working as I would have hoped and what can be done?

A: Email us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: Is this scheme planned to run for more than a year?

A: The scheme is initially set to run for one year as a pilot, with the intention and hope of continuing in the future.


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