Impacting Policy with Early Modern Research

November 11, 2020
By Public Engagement Toolbox


In this interview, the SRS’s John Gallagher speaks to Professor Nandini Das (University of Oxford) about how early modern research can speak to very modern policy questions. Nandini is the Principal Investigator on the ERC-funded project Travel, Transculturality, and Identity in England, c. 1550 – 1700, also known as TIDE. Here, she talks to John about the impacts the project has had beyond the academic sphere, including its work with the Runnymede Trust to establish Beacon Teacher Fellowships, which aimed to enable and empower teachers to develop creative and innovative approaches to the teaching of empire and migration, and the project’s co-authored report, Teaching Migration, Belonging, and Empire in Secondary Schools, which addressed policymakers and was launched at the Houses of Parliament. An interview for anyone thinking about how their early modern research topic could have a policy impacts.