SRS/BSR Residential Doctoral Research Scholarship

In collaboration with the British School at Rome, the SRS are pleased to announce the establishment of a fully-funded three-month residential Scholarship for a doctoral student at an advanced stage of their degree. The British School at Rome is one of the most prestigious research academies in Italy.

The SRS Scholarship will provide a scholar undertaking doctoral studies with the opportunity to join a vibrant academic community, while undertaking research in any of Rome's archives, libraries or museum collections.

We invite applications for this round of funding, with a deadline of 31st July 2022.


  • This award provides the opportunity to be an award-holder at the British School at Rome for three months. This includes accommodation, full board (excluding dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday) and membership of the academic community.
  • In addition, the SRS will cover reasonable economy-class travel costs from the UK/Ireland to Rome.
  • Award-holders at the BSR have the opportunity to do research in Rome (although, see below). The BSR can broker access to archives, sites, and museum collections not normally open to the public.
  • Award-holders have access to free instruction in Italian, through timetabled weekly lessons which cater for different levels of competency.
  • All award-holders participate in the induction programme during Welcome Week, are listed on-line and in the BSR Events Booklet and BSR review, and are expected to participate in the full programme of BSR events (lectures, workshops, exhibitions and conferences).


  • Students of any nationality are invited to apply. Students must be currently enrolled in a doctoral programme at a British or Irish university, and must be at and advanced stage of their studies when taking up the award. Responsibility for any visa requirements rests with the candidate.
  • Doctoral projects must relate to some aspect of the Renaissance. SRS’s understanding of ‘Renaissance’ is broad: we welcome applications from all disciplinary backgrounds, and across a wide chronological and geographical spectrum.
  • Doctoral projects need not be focussed on Rome, but applications must show how the student's research programme would benefit from an extended stay in Rome, i.e. they must require or significantly benefit from use of archives, libraries or museum collections in Rome.
  • We invite applications from all students, but in the first instance SRS will prioritise students without other recourse to research funding.
  • SRS supports the principle that academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all, and so is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.


  • Award periods at the BSR currently commence in late September, early January or early April. A Scholar may, in consultation with the BSR, take up the award at any one of these points in the calendar year 2023.
  • The Scholar must live in the BSR throughout the period of the award.
  • The Scholar is required to take out medical insurance for the duration of their tenure.
  • Any student appointed a Scholar is required to become a member of the Society for Renaissance Studies.
  • The Scholar must name the Society for Renaissance Studies in their affiliation in any publications and conference papers presenting their research.
  • The Scholar will be asked to submit a written report on their tenure, as well as on their research findings for publication in the Society's Bulletin. The Scholar will also be asked to submit a short report for inclusion in the ‘Research Reports’ section of Papers of the British School at Rome.

Application Process

We invite applications using the form below.

Applications will include the following items:

  • A 500-word description of the applicant's doctoral research project
  • A 500-word plan of action, with a clear explanation of how this Scholarship, with the time in Rome it affords, would benefit the doctorate.
  • A list of research travel funds received or pending
  • A current CV
  • One letter of recommendation by the candidate's doctoral supervisor will be required at point of shortlisting.

The timetable for decisions is as follows:

  • Applications are due 31st July 2022
  • Shortlisting will take place by 31st August.
  • Decisions will be announced by 15th October
  • The award is to be taken in the calendar year 2023
  • The application process is advertised in the hope that Covid-19 travel restrictions remain lifted 2023. If restrictions are reinstated, SRS and BSR will review the situation.

For questions or informal discussion of this award please contact the SRS Fellowships Officer, Dr David Rundle,

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