SRS response to the cancellation of RSA

March 19, 2020
By news updates

The Society for Renaissance Studies is naturally very sorry to see that, along with most academic conferences planned for the near future, the Renaissance Society of America has had to cancel their annual meeting in Philadelphia. The RSA is our largest sister organisation, with which we maintain particularly close ties that include exchanging keynote speakers at our respective conferences. We extend our heartfelt support to the Board and Executive of the RSA as they pick themselves up from a bruising few weeks.

At this year’s meeting, an estimated 150 scholars from the UK and Ireland were due to attend and make presentations, and Professor Nandini Das was to have given the SRS keynote lecture. We are particularly aware of the disappointment of not being able to share your work and engage in the associated discussions that this major meeting allows. You may like to consider writing a blog post about your paper, and invite others to join a discussion. If you would like to write a short article to feature on our website, please contact us. We are also exploring other ways in which we might use our website to offer opportunities for our community to share ideas.

We extend a warm welcome to all scholars of the early modern and an offer to keep the conversations flowing, if only online for now. Please keep in touch with your peers and your Society in the months to come.

With best wishes,
Richard Wistreich
Honorary Chair

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