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April 9, 2020
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Following a successful trial, the SRS is now able to host a series of online events on its website, free of charge. These can take the form of live events or prerecorded activities. Unless speakers request that the event be deleted, it will remain on the website, where it can be watched on catch-up. Only people who have registered to attend will be able to watch the event. Event organisers need to be, or become, SRS members, and will be asked to contribute a short report (c. 750 words) for the website. For book launches, the report will take the form of a commentary on the author’s book; other reports will offer brief reflections on the online event.

We are using the Crowdcast platform, which is encrypted and secure. This enables up to three speakers on screen at a time and auditors can ask questions or comment upon discussions through typing in ‘chat’ and posting a question in the ‘question’ box. Auditors can also be invited up on screen, if they would like to ask a question verbally. The chat function will be disabled for people watching  on catch-up, and a copy of the comments will be sent to the event organisers. While no online forum will be identical to face-to-face meetings, Crowdcast offers the opportunity to run parallel sessions, a series of sessions in the same event, and for attendees to connect and chat before the session(s). In this respect, it replicates many of the functions of face-to-face meetings.

Speakers require an up-to-date web browser. Video casting on Crowdcast is currently available on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Video casting on Safari will be rolled out soon, but currently only audio casting is available with this browser. It is advisable to wear headphones to prevent feedback and follow the setup checks, which will be sent to speakers in advance of the event.


The SRS will set up the Crowdcast, provide the digital platform and technical support throughout the event, act as moderator for the event in consultation with the chair, and advertise events via our networks. It is expected that the organiser of the event will be responsible for coordinating the speakers, agreeing a time and date for the event and advertising it through their own networks. We suggest no more than three named speakers for an event and the organiser will be expected to chair it, unless they have nominated someone else.

Due to the way we engage online, we advise that events are scheduled to last no more than one hour, but each session can be broadcast live for up to two hours, should you need longer.

We suggest the following formats, but are open to alternatives to suit your needs:

  • Book launch comprising author and respondents who speak for c. 30 minutes between them, followed by q&a for 30 minutes
  • Three ‘lightning’ talks for c. 30 minutes, followed by q&a for 30 minutes
  • 15-20 minute /30-minute research seminar paper, followed by q&a for 20-40 minutes / 30 minutes
  • A five-minute presentation of a ‘research problem’ followed by discussion/observations that might help to address or solve the problem

Next steps:

If you are interested in the SRS hosting an online event, please get in touch with via the Contact Us form and we will discuss the possibilities.

Safe Practice:

As with any public platform, we expect contributors to treat each other with respect and collegiality. The SRS reserves the right to remove from the crowdcast anyone who posts malicious or abusive material.



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