Renaissance Studies Article Prize

The Society awards a prize annually to the best article published in Renaissance Studies. All articles published in a calendar year are automatically considered.



  • Giacomo Giudici, ‘The writing of Renaissance politics: Sharing, appropriating, and asserting authorship in the letters of Francesco II Sforza, Duke of Milan (1522-1535)’, Vol. 32, Issue 2 pages 252-281, April 2018.
  • Sara Cockram, 'Interspecies Understanding: Exotic Animals and their Handlers at the Italian Renaissance Court', Vol. 31, Issue 2 pages 277-296.
  • Emilie K. M. Murphy, 'Musical self-fashioning and the "theatre of death" in late Elizabethan and Jacobean England', Vol. 30, Issue 3 pages 410-429, June 2016.
  • Rachel McGregor, '"Run not before the laws": Lily's Grammar, the Oxford Bellum grammaticale, and the rules of concord', Vol. 29, Issue 2 pages 261–279, April 2015 (joint winner 2015).
  • Dan Turello, 'How much does it cost to be stylish? Ease, effort, and energy consumption in Benvenuto Cellini's Vita', Vol. 29, Issue 2 pages 280–293, April 2015 (joint winner 2015).
  • Debra Blumenthal, 'Domestic medicine: slaves, servants and female medical expertise in late medieval Valencia', Vol. 28, Issue 4, pages 515–532, September 2014.
  • Kate Chedgzoy, 'Make me a poet, and I'll quickly be a man: masculinity, pedagogy and poetry in the English Renaissance', Vol. 27, Issue 5, pages 592-611, November 2013.
  • Yael Sela Teichler, 'My Ladye Nevells Booke: music, patronage and cultural negotiation in late sixteenth-century England’, Vol. 26, Issue 1, pages 79-102, January 2012.
  • Sharon T. Strocchia, 'The Nun Apothecaries of Renaissance Florence: Marketing Medicines in the Convent', Vol. 25, Issue 5, pages 627-47, November 2011.
  • Jonathan Woolfson, 'The Renaissance of bees', Renaissance Studies, Vol. 24, Issue 2, pages 281-300, April 2010.
  • Brian Cummings, 'Conscience and the Law in Thomas More, Renaissance Studies, Vol. 23, Issue 4, pages 463-485, September 2009.
  • Naomi Baker , 'To make love to a Deformity': praising ugliness in early modern England', Vol. 22, Issue 1, pages 86-109, February 2008.
  • Margaret Small, 'From jellied seas to open waterways: redefining the northern limit of the knowable world',Renaissance Studies, Vol. 21, Issue
    3, pages 315-339, June 2007. 
  • Kevin Killeen, 'Three pounds and fifteen shillings; the inconsiderable salary of Judas': seventeenth-century exegesis, cultural historiography and Thomas Browne's Pseudodoxia Epidemica', Vol. 20, Issue 4, pages 502-519, September 2006.
  • Monica Azzolini ,'In praise of art: text and context of Leonardo's Paragone and its critique of the arts and sciences' in Renaissance Studies, Vol 19, Issue 4, pages 487-510, September 2005.
  • Trevor Dean, 'Domestic Violence in late-medieval Bologna', Renaissance Studies, Vol. 18, Issue 4, pages 527-543, September 2004.