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Museums, Archives and Libraries Bursary Scheme

To foster research on the Renaissance in the museum, archive and library community

The Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS), founded in 1967, provides a national, and international forum for all those  - whether academics, independent scholars, postgraduates and undergraduates, school teachers and students, or members of the general public - who have an interest in any aspect of the study of the Renaissance.

Our work covers political and social history, history of art, architecture, garden history, material culture, history of ideas, philosophy, science, technology, religion, music, English literature and the literatures and cultures of mainland Europe and of the countries in contact with Europe and the British Isles during the Renaissance period (broadly conceived). 

The Council of the Society is an elected body which meets three times a year to manage its activities.  The Society’s AGM, to which members are warmly invited, takes place in London in early May.  The Society has active branches in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which also organise conferences and lectures for members. The Society also organises a biennial Conference.  

The SRS is actively involved in promoting cross-dialogue between universities, museums, libraries and archives.  It is an advocate for research into the Renaissance and its dissemination in museums, libraries and archives.  

Many UK and Irish libraries, archives and museums have extremely important Renaissance collections. The Society is aware of the difficulty that professionals in these institutions encounter in undertaking research, particularly on Renaissance subjects.

A total of £1000 per annum has been made available by the SRS towards a bursary scheme to promote research by curators, librarians and archivists in museums, libraries and archives in the UK and Ireland. 

The closing date for receipt of 2016 applications is the 30 September 2016.

Individual Awards are offered to provide financial assistance for these professionals to undertake original research towards a publication, exhibition or display.There will be one application deadline per year and therefore a total of £1000 available in each round.

    1. Applicants can apply for any amount between £200 and £1000. This award is tenable for a maximum of 12 months; it can only be used for one project.  Applicants should be advised that it is more likely that awards will be made towards the lower end of the scale.
    2. The following expenses can be claimed, and should be detailed in the budget proposal submitted with the application:
      1. Travel expenses (if they satisfy the aims of the scheme, and if funds allow).
      2. Accommodation expenses (up to £80 per night) for periods away from home.
      3. Subsistence allowance for periods away from home (maximum £25 per day, note that alcohol can not be claimed for).
      4. Other, including photocopying and photographic reproduction rights.
      5. These bursaries cannot be used to pay for replacement staff to cover the absence of bursary recipients.