When the Extraordinary is Also Ordinary: Spanish Golden Age Theater’s Heroic Monsters

Event Date: 
16 Nov 2017 to 19 Nov 2017




Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia


This Working Session seeks proposals for people wanting to participate in this Working Session for ASTR’s 2017 conference, whose theme is “Extra/Ordinary Bodies.” The theater of Golden Age Spain and colonial Latin American speaks directly to the conference theme. Its repertory overflows with such bodies. A spate of recent scholarship, including David Castillo’s influential BAROQUE HORRORS (University of Michigan Press, 2011), interrogates monsters and monstrosity on 17th-century Spanish stage. Appropriately, Castillo’s most recent book, MEDIALOGIES: READING REALITY IN THE AGE OF INFLATIONARY MEDIA (co-authored with William Egginton; Bloomsbury, 2016) applies some of the same critical framework to our current national circumstances. This Working Session seeks to make similar connections. Why was the Spanish empire so fascinated with these extra/ordinary bodies? Why are these bodies so frequently heroic on stage? What might they say in performance today? What is the connection between an empire in crisis and transition and the urge to make a spectacle of non-normative bodies on stage? Our Working Session invites case studies of specific texts and productions to explore these provocative and timely questions. The Working Session invites 250 word abstracts for focused position papers that stake a claim in relation to the above questions. Once accepted into the session, participants will be asked to share a 2000-word paper, due six weeks before the conference. The Working Session in Atlanta will consist of a guided discussion of these papers. Abstracts are welcome from both scholars and practitioners. For any specific questions, please contact the working group convenor at harley@theater.umass.edu. Please note that all submissions must be received formally through the ASTR website here. The form will allow you to indicate second and third choice working groups if you wish; if you do so, note that there is a space for you to indicate how your work will fit into those groups. The deadline for receipt of working group proposals is 1 June 2017 and we anticipate that participants will be notified of their acceptance no later than 30 June. Please contact the conference organizers at astr2017@astr.org if you have any questions about the process.

Submission date for papers: 
01 Jun 2017