Water and Fire in the representations of political power in Early Modern Europe

Event Date: 
23 Mar 2017 to 24 Mar 2017

Paris, France

On the occasion of the third centenary of the death of Louis XIV, the Sun King was commemorated as the “king of fire.” Grand and musical, the “waters” of the Palace of Versailles provided and continue to provide the setting for the festivities and spectacles in accordance with the initial intentions of the Palace’s creators and the use of the estate. Recent research has shown that water and fire – elements which have been most often studied separately in the field of representations – were frequently associated in order to display the ambition of omnipotence of political power. The novelty of this conference lies in the exploration of modalities of this association in representations (writing, painting, sculpture, architecture, medals, etc.) generated by political power (be it papal, episcopal, royal, princely, noble, or urban) in Early Modern Europe (16th-18th centuries). The articulation of water and of fire can be examined in a work or a series of works, which can be of different natures. A comparative approach to the topic is also welcome. As the objective of this conference is the application of an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of political representations, this call for papers is published in order to bring together historians, historians of arts, literature and performance. Scholars who are interested in presenting a paper are asked to prepare an abstract (maximum 1 500 characters and spaces) and a biographical statement in French or in English (maximum 1 000 characters and spaces) specifying academic affiliation and major publications (if any). The language in which the applicant will present the paper if selected by the scientific committee (French or English) must also be specified. All these elements have to be submitted at https://eau-feu.sciencesconf.org in one PDF file before 31/10/2016.

Submission date for papers: 
31 Oct 2016