Typography, Illustration and Ornamentation in the Early Modern Iberian Book World, 1450-1800

Event Date: 
24 May 2018 to 25 May 2018


Like their manuscript forebears and counterparts, early-modern printed books incorporated ornamentation such as decorative head and tailpieces, ornate borders and initial letters. They also often included woodcut and later engraved illustrations. These elements formed an essential part of the aesthetics of the book and helped frame meaning for their readers. As well as offering cultural insight, this seam of evidence also offers a formidable scholarly tool to assist in the identification of anonymous im-prints and to help in the dating of works. Yet – with only a few notable exceptions – these graphic components, and those who crafted them, have remained under-researched. To better understand this world, and its development, a cross-disciplinary conference will be held in Dublin in May 2018 to reflect on the broad themes of typography, illustration, and ornamentation in early-modern Spain, Portugal and the New World be-tween 1450 and 1800. Papers are invited from both established and younger researchers which might shed light on any aspect of the conference theme, or which help situate the Iberian experience within a broader European or global con-text. Papers on manuscript or printed books are welcome. The conference will coincide with the launch of the latest phase of Iberi-an Books http://iberian.ucd.ie covering the period 1651-1700. It will also see the launch of Ornamento, an online repository of ornaments and illustrations. Proposals can be submitted to Professor Sandy Wilkinson, sandy.wilkinson@ucd.ie by Friday 15 December 2017.

Submission date for papers: 
15 Dec 2017