Summer School: 'Roma in Festa'. Staging and Experiencing Festival Culture in Early Modern Rome

Event Date: 
09 Jul 2012 to 15 Jul 2012

Rome. Academia Belgica
9-15 July 2012

This July, an interdisciplinary summerschool on the rich festival
culture of early modern Rome will be held at at the Academia Belgica in
Rome. The summerschool is integral part of the three–year federal
research project ‘Baroque Festival Cultures Between Italy and the
Southern Netherlands.’
The course is aimed at advanced MA and PhD students with a proven
interest in the artistic, material, musical and theatrical culture of
the early modern period. The summerschool offers an introduction to the
main actors, locations, traditions and festival agenda of early modern
Rome, as well as to methodological and theoretical aspects of research
into festival culture.
During the course, students will have the opportunity to work together
with staff members with the rich collections of the Museo di Roma, the
Biblioteca Vallicelliana, and other institutions in Rome. Besides
writing an individual research paper, students will work in teams on a
virtual exhibition on festival culture in early modern Rome. This
virtual exhibition will explore ideas and concepts for the conclusive
exhibition on early modern festive culture between Italy and the
Southern Netherlands, as envisaged by the research project.

In preparation of the week in Rome, the participants will meet at two
preparatory one-day seminars in Belgium. During a meeting at the Royal
Museum of Fine Arts and the Royal Library in Brussels in April,
students will be introduced to the rich collections of early modern
engravings and portrait medals. Curators will discuss with students
best practices when it comes to translating academic research into
engaging exhibitions.

For selected students, the federal research project has allocated a
travel budget, while the Academia Belgica offers them the use of the
library, research facilities, and basic accommodation in dormitories.

-    Demonstrable interest in early modern festival culture and in
staging exhibitions;
-    A completed BA in a relevant discipline to early modern festival
-    (At least) passive knowledge of Italian;
-    Working knowledge of English and French (the two languages used at
the course).

How to apply:
Please send a motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and one letter of
recommendation, to be sent separately, by 1 March 2012 to Minou
Please allow for some weeks of deliberation time.

For information:

Funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office, the research
project ‘Baroque Festival Cultures Between Italy and the Southern
Netherlands’ is supported by the Academia Belgica, the Belgian
Historical Institute in Rome, and the National Foundation Princess
Marie-José. Part of the project is the realization of an exhibition and
the re-creation of a baroque spectacle. The four organizers of the
research project are Ralph Dekoninck (Université Catholique de
Louvain), Maarten Delbeke (Ghent University), Annick Delfosse
(Université de Liège), and Koen Vermeir (Leuven University).