SRS Postdoctoral Fellow wins major award

Holly James-Maddocks (SRS Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2015), has been awarded the first New Chaucer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015-2016) at St Louis University, and a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (2016-2019) at the University of Birmingham, to conduct research on 'The Illuminators of the Middle English Poetic Tradition'.  Holly aims to better contextualise the production of more than 100 illuminated manuscripts containing works by Chaucer, Lydgate, and Gower, by identifying the non-literary output of the artists involved. She will search for their hands in a wide variety of texts - from the liturgical to the legal, and in languages other than Middle English - in order to understand the relative position and status of books of Middle English literature within the rich variety of late medieval textual culture.



Holly believes that the SRS Postdoctoral Fellowship was crucial to her success, allowing her to swap full-time employment for 6 months devoted to research, and affording her the time to conduct both the SRS project (a survey of illuminated incunables) and to write applications for further funding. She will be reporting the findings of her SRS Postdoctoral Fellowship later this month in a conference held at De Montfort University: 'Reading Copy-Specific Features: Producers, Readers, and Owners of Incunabula'.