Shoreditch: Shakespeare's Hidden London - film screenings 2

Event Date: 
25 May 2017


New Library, St Anne's College, Oxford, OX2 6HS, 5:15pm

Shoreditch, 1580: rough, edgy, unsparing, and fun. Shoreditch, 1600: expensive, emptying, with its reputation for entertainment on the wane. Sound familiar? 'Shoreditch: Shakespeare's Hidden London' is a feature-length documentary uncovering Shakespeare's early career in Shoreditch and exploring how the area has been shaped by gentrification then and now. Featuring interviews with Peter Tatchell, Owen Jones, archaeologists, actors, and academics. Both screenings are free (c/o Oxford CEMS, St Anne's College, The Proud Archivist) and will be followed by drinks. For further information contact