Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (February 2018)

The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 32, no. 1, February 2018) is now available on-line via the Wiley-Blackwell website. 



  • Arjan van Dixhoorn, 'Recreating man's cunning virtues – The philosophical project of Netherlandish arts culture', (pages 23–42)
  • Ruben Buys, ‘"He is ruler over all" – Man and ‘his’ universe at the 1539 Ghent refreynen contest' (pages 43–58)
  • Jeroen Vandommele, 'Arranging ‘facts’ in ‘fiction’ – Presenting categories of knowledge in Antwerp prints and plays (1550–1565)', (pages 59–84)
  • Bart Ramakers, 'Embodied wits – The representation of deliberative thought in rhetoricians’ drama', (pages 85–105)
  • Samuel Mareel, 'Urban space and the literary exploration of self – A rhetorician makes a mental tour through his city', (pages 106–120)
  • Alisa van de Haar, 'Every language has its laws – Rhetoricians and the study of the Dutch vernacular', (pages 121–139)
  • Didi van Trijp, 'Cosmological talk – Three dialogues on the heavens in early seventeenth-century Amsterdam', (pages 140–157)