Perception and Reception of Early Dance

Event Date: 
18 May 2018 to 20 May 2018


Early Dance Circle Biennial Conference

UK Charity No. 1097746


St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth RG9 6NN (near High Wycombe)


Perception and reception are intimately related. We can know, or guess at, the participants’ intentions at the time of creation, and the work’s reception by various audiences. However, both perception and reception of a dance or a dance style will differ over time. This conference aims to explore these aspects of early dance including how it is perceived/received today.


Speakers might like to consider exploring the following topics, among others.


Perception or Reception concerned with:

  •  Political propaganda
  • Value judgements about Good or Evil
  • Judgements about confirmation or subversion of the social order
  • Civilizing or degrading influence; a basis for codes of behaviour/anarchy
  • Comparison with Reception of Early Music
  • Historical revivals of earlier styles of dance


WORKSHOPS & SHORT PERFORMANCES are very welcome, but they should include a brief introductory talk or commentary.


Come and have a wonderful country house weekend.


Abstracts should be limited to a single sheet of A4 paper.

Papers should be limited to 25 mins; workshops to 55 mins; performances are negotiable.


The Conference Proceedings will be published. The text may be expanded for publication. Abstracts should be emailed to Barbara Segal at by October 2017.


Please telephone Barbara on 020 7700 4293 for any further information.


You will be informed within the month whether your contribution has been accepted.


Details of the programme and a booking form will be issued in November 2017.


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