Terrors of the Night

Event Date: 
20 May 2017
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe, 7.00pm

Stage reaading of "Terrors of the Night" by Thomas Nashe (published 1594)


The candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse plays host to an eerie staged reading of Thomas Nashe’s unsettling and disturbing exploration of night terrors. Nashe speaks in a variety of voices as his speaker tries to understand whether humans are surrounded by demons, witches and ghosts, or whether these are real terrors unleashed by the devil in his futile struggle with God. It will be the first time that Nashe’s extraordinary text, which had a major influence on the development of prose and drama in the age of Shakespeare, has been read aloud by candlelight.

The reading will be directed by Dr Tom Cornford (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) and introduced by Dr Kate De Rycker (University of Newcastle).

This event is part of a research project by scholars from the University of Sussex and the University of Newcastle. We would like to thank the Arts and Humanities Research Council for supporting this event.