Margaret of Anjou: a ‘new’ play by Shakespeare: a rehearsed reading

Event Date: 
08 Mar 2016


Caryl Churchill Theatre, Department of Drama, Royal Holloway, Egham. TW20 0EX

To mark 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death Elizabeth Schafer and Philippa Kelly, Resident Dramaturg at the California Shakespeare Theater, have pirated Margaret of Anjou from the Henry VI tetralogy and Richard IIIAs Margaret matures from feisty princess to scheming queen, from cold blooded killer to grief-stricken mother, from shameless adulteress to cursing crone, the hapless men who surround her are unable to withstand the fury of her ‘tiger’s heart wrapped in a woman’s hide’.  This violent woman – the ‘she-wolf of France’ - in part, inspired the character of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. What better day to unleash Margaret than International Women’s Day 2016?


How will a modern audience, schooled in psychological realism, react to this termagant who in speech after speech demands, denounces and curses? the mourning Margaret, grieving for the execution of her lover as traitor; the Amazonian Margaret leading her troops into battle;  the monster taunting her defeated opponent, Richard, Duke of York before stabbing him; the raging crone, whose husband and son have been murdered;  the shrew who refuses to be tamed.   All are invited to come along and experience the premiere of Shakespeare's most feminist play.

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Please note: this is a reading of the ‘good’ (long) quarto of Margaret of Anjou. A reading of the ‘bad’ (short) quarto will take place on Thursday 18 February UWA, Perth at 1.00 pm. 

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