Litigating Women: Negotiating Justice in Courts of Law, c.1100 - c.1750

Event Date: 
28 Jun 2017 to 29 Jun 2017

Swansea University

This two-day event will explore women's access to justice and use of the law courts in Britain and Continental Europe in the medieval and early modern periods, as part of the collaborative project 'Women Negotiating the Boundaries of Justice: Britain and Ireland, c. 1100-c.1750'. The programme includes speakers ranging from senior academics to postgraduate students in dedicated 'new researcher' sessions, as well as three keynotes from leading scholars on women and law in the medieval and early modern periods. Papers examine women’s use of the law in Britain, Ireland and Europe, with themes including family and property, women’s legal agency, and women’s actions at the margins of the law.


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Registration deadline: 31 May 2017.