International Summer School: Urbino Renaissance Lectures: The Court and the City

Event Date: 
20 Jul 2015 to 25 Jul 2015

University of Urbino “Carlo B0”, Italy 


Teaching Programme:


  • Academic disciplines and related Credits
  • Italian Literature (L-FIL-LET/10): 1 credit
  • English Literature (L-LIN/10): 1 credit
  • History of Philosophy (M-FIL/06): 1 credit
  • History of Architecture (ICAR/18) and Musicology and History of Music (L-ART/07): 1 credit
  • Paleography (M-STO/09) and Study of Archives, Bibliographies, and Libraries (M-STO/08): 1 credit
  • Final evaluation: 1 credit


See brochure and programme for further details.

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