Epistolary cultures - letters and letter-writing in early modern Europe

Event Date: 
18 Mar 2016 to 19 Mar 2016

For further details contact Dr Kevin Killeen (kevin.killeen@york.ac.uk)

Day 1, Friday 18th March

9.30-11.00 - Treehouse:

Panel 1: Republic of Letters


Dirk van Miert (Utrecht), Joseph Scaliger and the European Republic of Letters,

Paul Botley (Warwick), Correspondence of Casuabon

Jeanine De Landtsheer (Leuven) Justus Lipsius, and correspondence networks


9.30-11.00 - BS/008:

Panel 2: Style and women’s political writing

Chair: Helen Smith

Mel Evans (Birmingham), Tudor epistolary style and authority

Jade Scott (Glasgow), Ne Petitionary Correspondence of Lady Anne Percy

Danielle Clarke (UCD) Early Modern Letters and the Performance of Apologies


11.00-11.30 Coffee


11.30-1.00 - Treehouse:

Panel 3: The Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Letters

Chair: Marie-Louise Coolahan (RECIRC, Galway)

Evan Bourke (Galway), ‘Women and Samuel Hartlib’s correspondence network’

Felicity Maxwell (Galway), Mary, Queen of Scots’ letter to her former servants

Emilie Murphy (Galway), Circulation practices of Catholic correspondence networks


11.30-1.00 - BS/008:

Panel 4: Diplomacies


Samuli Kaislaniemi (Helsinki) Learning letterlocking: William Cecil’s letters to his father.

Luciano Piffanelli (Rome). Florentine Commissaries’ Public Letters:

Guillaume Coatalen (Cergy-Pontoise, France) Holograph letters of Queen Elizabeth I


1.00-2.00 Lunch


2.00-3.30 - Treehouse:

Panel 5: Traffic, Transaction and Knowledge


Claire Bartram (Canterbury) Letter Writing and Literary Culture in Elizabethan Kent.

Florence Hazrat (St Andrews) Women and Letter Writing in Early Modern Scotland

Giacomo Comiati  (Warwick) A Renaissance Manual for Epistles in Latin and Italian


2.00-3.30 - BS/008:

Panel 6: Classical receptions in letters

Chair: Richard Rowland

Dianne Mitchell
(Pennsylvania) “Posting Poems in Early Modern England”

Lindsay Ann Reid
(Galway), Turberville’s Epistles of Ovid

Katherine Heavey (Glasgow), Thomas Heywood's Heroides in Early Modern England.


3.30- 3.45 Coffee


3.45 – 5.15 - Treehouse:

Workshop Panel : Letterlocking

Jana Dambrogio (MIT) andDaniel Starza Smith (Oxford)



5.30 – 6.30 – Bowland Lecture Theatre

Chair: Kevin Killeen

Plenary Lecture: Andrew Zurcher



Day 2, Saturday 19th March


9.30-11.00 - Treehouse:

Panel 7: Letters as Collectibles: the Bartolomeo Gamba Collection

Chair: Vittoria Feola (Padua/Oxfod)

Andreas Fingernagel (National Library of Austria)

Stefano Pagliantini (Bassano del Grappa)

Miranda Lewis  (Digital Editor at EMLO)

Fabio Zampieri (Padova Museum for the History of Medicine)

Alberto Zanatta (Padova Museum for the History of Medicine)


9.30-11.00 - BS/008:

Panel 8: Letters and the Professional Scribe


Jackie Watson (Birkbeck) Interception and deception in early modern epistolary culture

Stephanie Childress (Texas), Spenserian Epistolarity

Hélène Miesse (Liège ) Goro Gheri as the “perfect secretary”


11.00-11.30 Coffee


11.30-1.00 - Treehouse:

Panel 9: Letter Writing and Humanism


Brian Cummings (York), on Erasmus and Letter writing practices,

Jan Cizek (Olomouc, Czech Republic), Comenius and education

Luke O’Sullivan (Durham), Speaking with Seneca in Montaigne’s Essais


11.30-1.00 - BS/008:

Panel 10: Natural Philosophers and epistolary culture


Joe Moshenska (Cambridge), The letters of Sir Kenelm Digby,

Norah Carlin (Edinburgh) Kenelm Digby’s Letters to James Lord Cranfield, 1642-3

Amy Bowles  (Cambridge), Scribal Letter Anthologies: Francis Bacon's Letters


1.00-2.00 Lunch


2.00-3.30 - Treehouse:

Panel 11: Epistolary Fictions

Kerry Cooke (James Madison University) Epistolary Fiction, Reappraised.

Rachel F Stapleton  (Toronto) Epistolary (Auto)fictions of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza

Fatima Essadek (Mazoon University College) The Sultan's Letters in Europe


2.00-3.30 - BS/008:

Panel 12: Medical Networks and letter-corpuses 


Tilmann Walter (Würzburg), Medical Republic of Letters

Peter van den Hooff (Utrecht University), The patient’s story and looted Dutch letters

Eleonora Carinci (Cambridge), Camilla Erculiani’s Lettere di philosophia naturale (1584)


3.30- 3.45 Coffee


3.45 – 4.45 - Treehouse:

Panel 13: Letters and spirituality


Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá (Cambridge), Letters from Brazil: Jesuits writing the New World

D.C. Andersson (Oxford) Early Modern Pauline letters

Jaska Kainulainen (Helsinki), Early Jesuit letter writing


3.45 – 5.15 - BS/008:

Panel 14: Print, prison and polemic: the letters of the ‘moderate’ godly 1640- 1700

Tom Charlton (Queen Mary), Letters in the life, and Life, of Richard Baxter.

Johanna Harris (Exeter), ‘Baxter and the repurposing of letters.

Alison Searle (Sydney), Prison Letters: Nonconformist Networks and Fellowship


5.30 – 6.30 – Bowland Lecture Theatre

Chair: Freya Sierhuis

Plenary Lecture: Henry Woudhuysen

For further information, and to register, please see: http://www.york.ac.uk/crems/events/events/2015-16/epistolarycultures/