Encounters, Rights, and Sovereignty in the Iberian empires, 15th-19th centuries

Event Date: 
24 May 2018 to 25 May 2018


University of Évora, Portugal

Focused on the colonial encounters fostered by the Iberian empire-building processes and on the strategies developed to regulate the rights and lives of native and colonial populations, this conference welcomes proposals that privilege the comparisons and interactions between the Portuguese and Spanish colonizing dynamics, in a timeframe spanning from the early stages of the Iberian colonization to the first outbreaks of independence. For more information: http://www.cidehus.uevora.pt/atividades/noticias/(item)/23839 Deadline for the submission of panel and paper proposals: 10 February 2018. Register on https://sge.uevora.pt – after registering you will receive a confirmation email to activate your registration. Login on https://sge.uevora.pt and access the link https://sge.uevora.pt/eventos/ver/428. Select the option “Register” on the right (this is a pre-registration only to allow you to submit your proposal; you can confirm your registration on a later stage, after the acceptance of your proposal). Select “Submit abstract” on the right. For enquiries, please contact us at: iberianempires@uevora.pt

Submission date for papers: 
10 Feb 2018