Elizabeth I: The Armada and Beyond, 1588 to 2018

Event Date: 
19 Apr 2018 to 21 Apr 2018


Queen’s House, Greenwich


This conference will mark the conservation and re-display of the Armada Portrait at the Queen’s House, the last remaining building of Greenwich Palace, the birthplace of Elizabeth I and a major royal site for the Tudor and Stuart dynasties. The Queen’s House and the collections of Royal Museums Greenwich offer the potential to unpack a range of meanings and contexts for the image, including the domestic and international worlds of the Renaissance period and the resonance of the Spanish Armada within history to the present day. It is hoped that this conference will pick up on these themes, advancing our understanding of the Armada Portrait specifically and Elizabeth I more generally, interrogating popular notions associated with her life and reputation, offering fresh and alternative perspectives. We invite submission of abstracts (300 to 400 words) for twenty-minute papers. The deadline for submissions is 1 December 2017. Please direct queries, if any, to Janet Dickinson: janet.dickinson@conted.ox.ac.uk or Christine Riding: criding@rmg.co.uk and submit proposals and a brief biography to research@rmg.co.uk

Submission date for papers: 
01 Dec 2017