Early Modern Waterways

Event Date: 
24 May 2019

Neptune’s Children: Early Modern Waterways


T. S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College, Oxford



Our work as early modernists has been shaped by the great eddies of sea studies which have, over decades, challenged the way we think about the national and the global, from Braudel’s Mediterranean, via John Elliott’s Atlantic, to Steve Mentz’s shipwrecks. In gathering together Neptune’s Children, we ask what might happen when we look at the world from the perspective of rather different waters: from swamps, from lakes, from rivers; from the Indian Ocean, Mexico City, or the Firth of Forth; from bluewater, brownwater and bilgewater. We bring together scholars of early modern Europe, India, and Latin America, who are historians, literary and legal specialists; and although Neptune fathers many of our watery discussions, we’re expecting that the Aztec god Tláloc might also talk back. How can we think better about early modern water, in a world in which water is once again a pressing political concern? https://neptuneschildrenconference.wordpress.com/


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