Past Conferences

Mobility and Space in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Event Date: 
23 Jun 2017 to 24 Jun 2017

Radcliffe Humanities Building - University of Oxford


Playing and Playgoing in Early Modern England

Event Date: 
23 Jun 2017 to 24 Jun 2017

The Queen's College, Oxford


This interdisciplinary conference will interrogate the current state of criticism on the interactions between: performance spaces; the bodily, sensory and material experiences of the playhouse; and playgoers’ responses to, and engagements with, the theatre. Confirmed speakers include Natasha Korda, Tiffany Stern, Emma Smith, Laurie Maguire, Lucy Munro, Gillian Woods, Sarah Dustagheer, Jackie Watson, Will Tosh, Eoin Price, Simon Smith, and Emma Whipday.


Territory, Politics and Performance in Tudor England

Event Date: 
22 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017

Northumbria University

Plenary speakers:

  • Professor Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex)
  • Professor Jessica Winston (Idaho State University)


Virtù, Stato, Sovranità. Political Thought in Italy c. 1300-c. 1800.

Event Date: 
20 Jun 2017



A major conference on this subject will take place in Christ’s College, Cambridge on 20 June 2017 (9.30 am-6.45 pm).


Lineage, Loyalty, and Legitimacy in Iberia and North Africa (600-1600)

Event Date: 
19 Jun 2017 to 21 Jun 2017

The Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University, UK


The Dark Sides of the Law in Common Law Countries

Event Date: 
15 Jun 2017 to 17 Jun 2017

International and Interdisciplinary Conference, Paris (France), June 15-17, 2017

Cultures of Collecting, 1500-1750

Event Date: 
14 Jun 2017

A one-day conference organised by the Centre for Early Modern Studies, Oxford University

Corpus Christi College, Oxford

On the 400th anniversary of the birth of Elias Ashmole, we invite proposals that address any aspect of the cultures of collecting in England and Europe, ca. 1500-1750, from any disciplinary perspective, including material culture, art history, visual studies, museum studies, social history, and literary scholarship.


Spenser, Poetry and Performance

Event Date: 
12 Jun 2017 to 13 Jun 2017

Shakespeare's Globe, London


A collaboration between the International Spenser Society and Shakespeare's Globe, London, 'Spenser, Poetry and Performance' is an exploratory research event on the continuities and connections between early modern poetic and dramatic writing. It takes place at Shakespeare's Globe, and will involve expert panel discussions, short papers, performances and a Research in Action workshop on 'Performing Elizabethan Poetry: Spenser and Shakespeare' in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.