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Welcome to the Welsh Branch of the Society for Renaissance Studies. The aim of this branch to support all kinds of academic and teaching events across Wales which relate to the enhanced knowledge of the Renaissance in all its many and various disciplines. Do contact the branch if you are organising an event in Wales linked to Renaissance studies as we can offer e-platforms for publicising the event. If you wish to seek funding from the Welsh Branch for such events, please see the regulations in the link below.


Opportunities for Funding from Welsh Branch

The Society makes available to the Welsh Representative a fund with which to offer financial support for conferences dedicated to all aspects of Renaissance studies. These funds are primarily designed to support the participation of undergraduate or postgraduate students at academic conferences and meetings and this emphasis will be given priority when applications are considered. However, other kinds of applications relating to the promotion of Renaissance studies are also eligible for consideration. It should be stressed that the Welsh Representative's fund is not extensive and it is envisaged that only contributions (rather than comprehensive grants) can be made towards the financing of relevant academic events.

Applicants will be expected to have planned their event carefully and to have sought funding from their institution (university, museum or gallery, or other). Applicants are required to disclose all other sources of funding, but funding from other sources will not in itself be seen as a weakness in an application. Both major international meetings and smaller-scale specialist colloquia, including one-day events, will be considered on their academic merits for funding.

Anyone seeking funding from the Welsh fund of the Society should send an application (in the form of an email) to Welsh Representative. Please note applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within six weeks of the date received by the Welsh Representative. Results are issued by email, and cannot be given over the telephone.

The Welsh Branch would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the diversity of SRS funding opportunities which are available nationally and advertised on the main funding page of the website.

Eoin Price

Welsh Representative - Society for Renaissance Studies




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