SRS in Ireland

The Society supports events promoting Renaissance scholarship in Ireland. Details are available from the Irish Representative Dr Jane Grogan.. 

The SRS supports numerous early modern events in Ireland, whether visiting speakers, symposia or conferences. Recent events supported include 'Renaissance Pedagogies' at UCD (22 Nov 2014), a visit and talk by Prof. Carole Levin on 'Queen Elizabeth's Ghost and the Stuart Monarchs' at the National University of Ireland (14th May 2015), 'Early Modern Military Identities', a symposium on the formation and significance of military identities in early modern literature, at UCC (28 August 2015), and the Tudor and Stuart Ireland conference (2013). 

We welcome applications from postgraduates and university staff in disciplines including English, history, art history and continental languages for small grants to help with early modern-centred research events on the island of Ireland. Please address any enquiries to Dr Jane Grogan ( There is no deadline for applications.