Early Modern English Domestic Tragedy



Deadline for submissions: September 1, 2017

 A special issue of Early Modern Literary Studies

contact email: L.M.Hopkins@shu.ac.uk

Essays of c. 7000 words are invited for a special issue of Early Modern Literary Studieson domestic tragedy.  Possible topics might include individual plays (e.g. Arden of FavershamA Warning for Fair WomenThe English TravellerA Woman Killed with KindnessThe Miseries of Enforced MarriageTwo Lamentable Tragedies); lost domestic tragedies (e.g. Keep the Widow Waking); the genre as a whole; domestic tragedy and print culture; domestic tragedy and material culture –(props, clothing, trade and domestic objects); editing or teaching domestic tragedies; domestic tragedy in performance; domestic tragedy and tragic subjectivity; domestic tragedy and power, gender, and/or local and national identities;  and the relationship between domestic tragedy and classical conceptions of tragedy (does Othello, for instance, have a claim to be considered as a domestic tragedy?).  

Please send abstracts of c. 250 words to both Lisa Hopkins (L.M.Hopkins@shu.ac.uk) and Dan Cadman (d.cadman@shu.ac.uk ) by 1 September 2017. Completed essays will be due by 1 March 2018.